Monday, December 10, 2007

Backpackers 'show lack of insurance awareness'

Travellers enjoying backpacking holidays are neglecting to take out travel insurance despite carrying valuable goods with them, it has been reported.

Travel Weekly reports that research from suggests that some backpackers travel with up to £600 worth of possessions and no travel insurance while a third of those with £200 worth of belongings neglect to take out cover.

Furthermore, the study revealed that a tenth of backpackers have been the victim of thieves incurring average losses of over £100.

"There seems to be a lack of awareness and understanding of how essential travel insurance really is and we hope to change that," commented operations manager Jack Harris.

He added that the most common reason cited by holidaymakers for failing to take out travel insurance was the cost.

However he added that this is a "false economy".

Traditional backpacker destinations include Australia and Thailand. However, the Association of British Travel Agents reports that flung destinations such as Costa Rica and South America are becoming increasingly popular among holidaymakers.


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