Monday, December 17, 2007

Insuremore Offer Older People Travel Insurance for the Same Price as an 18-Year-Old

Insuremore has expanded its range of inexpensive travel insurance solutions to encompass an often overlooked demographic. The company has accepted that the huge demand for cheap travel insurance for seniors is too large to ignore, and after much research have slashed the cost of their policies for those aged 61-65 to match the prices paid by their younger counterparts.

Managing director, Patrick Chong, explained why the demand from the older market became too much to ignore. "We have recently been working on the online marketing of our site, and over the course of our research we discovered that there are huge numbers of people looking for cheap travel insurance for seniors," he explained. "We found a massive number of people typing terms like 'cheap senior travel insurance' and 'older people travel insurance' into Google, Yahoo! and MSN every month. We'd like to be on hand to offer them quality protection at a price that won't break the bank."

The price reduction coincides with wider research that indicates that, contrary to stereotypes, the older demographic are increasingly interested in taking part in activities typically associated with a younger generation. While the popular view is that older people are spending their twilight years knitting, playing bingo and gardening, a recent survey by AXA revealed that 28 percent of older respondents listed travel as one of their main hobbies. The survey also revealed that more active holidays and adventure travel were of interest to the older generation, which may surprise younger marketers who believed cruises were their sole interest. With this in mind, it's reassuring to hear that a 64-year-old man can get travel insurance covering winter sports for the same price as someone a third of his age!

Some may raise their eyebrows at an online travel insurance website targeting a generation typically considered to be technophobic, but once again the survey breaks with stereotypes, with over 40 percent of respondents listing internet usage as a hobby, which makes perfect sense to Mr Chong.

"The growing number of 'silver surfers' interesting in travel and the internet means that there is always going to be a demand for cheap travel insurance for seniors," he said. "In fact, I can only see this market growing as more and more people retire with the computer skills they have needed for work. Contrary to popular wisdom, the market is real and the market is growing."

The company's prices start from just £4.30 for single trip insurance around the UK for those aged 18-65, undercutting many of their rivals who still 'load' their over 60s with additional fees for senior travel insurance. The only difference between the company's policies is that a younger person would only pay the first £100 on any medical claims related to an activity they participated in, while someone in the older age group would pay the first £150. Patrick Chong feels that older people will realise this is a small price to pay for cheap seniors' travel insurance. "I think most of our older customers will appreciate that they could pay that difference on the initial policy from some of our rival travel insurance providers, let alone the premium in the worst case scenario," he said. "We're also aware that the vast majority of holiday makers don't end up making a costly claim, so they shouldn't let this worry them unnecessarily."


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